Calvyns Take-Out​

Added Dec 12th 2022

Calvyns Conservation Club is looking to get of the ground this winter.

check the page and follow for more details.

we might have our staffing issue fixed...

So, For now.... we keep our 11-9 hours

Thusday,Friday,Saturday Sunday.....11am - 9 pm

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

....So So sorry...... but Calvyns no longer has a liquor licence.

Dining room/bar and patio...... closed

Full Menu Is Now Available for take out

Including 3pc Fried Chicken with Fries and coleslaw, Garlic cheese bread, Donairs, Chicken Gyros and Donair Egg Rolls

Sorry for any inconvenience.... Thank the Government and the snitches that can't mind their own business.