Calvyns Take-Out​


Our mission/goals

First, we need volunteers.... members... If we had someone... First thing..., they could help with putting this project

 We would like to collect names and emails of people willing to volunteer/participate in events. If we had this in place last spring for example, we would send out an email to everyone asking who would be interested in getting out on the trails with their ATV and a chainsaw and go clear some trails, or help neighbours with some clean up and maybe meet back up at calvyns for some food n drinks.

Our club would work together with groups like the atv clubs, snowmobile clubs, senior housing etc..

The clubs basic goal is to do what we can to make things better... help where we can.

We're not ending world hunger or homelessness... just doing our little part in our little corner of the world.

Anyone interested in getting on board, come talk to us at Calvyns, or send us an email.