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Community Challenge......

Date... Sept 15th,16th,17th (2nd weekend after labour day)

Thoughts on the table so far.....nothings written in stone

Annual 3 Pitch ball tournament.

entry fee ...$400 per team ($40/person)

8 team round robin format

winning team wins their entry fee back and gets the trophy and bragging rights

money raised goes to local charity.

Our first challenge.... rosies

2nd challenge goes to pinevalley (declined)

Others might include.?.?....

Fire hall?

Denbigh matawatchan fish n game?


General store?

Hilltop church?

Matawatchan hall?

Any large hunt camp?

Or just get a group of yas together.... doesn’t have to be a business or organization 👍

Lions hall will have a meeting in January to see if they can do a bbq .. not sure yet.... we’ll see what comes from the meeting.

Another idea we’re pursuing is local bands.... a little hootenanny Saturday evening or Sunday after the final game.

We’ll keep yall posted on any updates.

Team captains can contact me at

[email protected]



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